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Protect stores, offices,
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Secure construction sites,
empty buildings





 Star-vox systems

SurTec is a creative manufacturer of electronic security equipment. SurTec develops innovative products backed up by a dedicated R&D department using cutting edge processes and technologies.

Surtec Star-vox Résidentiel

Star-vox home alarm system

Star-vox secures

  • Apartments
  • Houses

Star-vox products
have been designed to integrate smoothly indoors.
Their smart design, their technology and their effectiveness make them one of the very best solutions to protect your client’s home.

Star-vox home





SurTec star-vox Commercial

Star-vox alarm for stores

Star-vox is designed to be run with telesurveillance. It protects shops, offices, displays, warehouses…

Star-vox offers a complete range of wireless products, embedding infrared detection and audio & video verification.  

Star-vox for stores





SurTec Star-vox Antisquatt

Star-vox anti-squat alarm system

Star-vox secures all kinds of empty buildings.

Star-vox anti-squat,
is a plug & play, ready-to-use solution tu secure empty premises : houses, warehouses, houseboats….

Star-vox anti-squat





SurTec Bati-vox Chantiers

Bati-vox for construction sites

Bati-vox is a stand-alone, wireless alarm system.
It protects construction sites from theft and vandalism..

Bati-vox offers a complete range of stand-alone products to protect and alert in case of intrusion.

Bati-vox construction sites






SurTec with you

SurTec range of equipment is designed for professionals. It is easy to install and uses a consistent menu through all the panel ranges. Approved installaters have access to training sessions and technical support.

SurTec - Installateur


SurTec products are designed to be easy to install and maintain.

SurTec - Telesurveillance


SurTec solutions offer a unreached level of effectiveness, based on their unique audio & video verification technology.




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